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EUROPEAN HIGHLIGHTS with Eurostar Option- 7 Days

From the White Cliff s of Dover to the lush Burgundy vineyards of France, delve into the mesmerising landscapes of Europe – its rich heritage and distinctive fl avours yours to share with new friends. Explore Amsterdam from its labyrinthine canals, soak up Lucerne’s fresh Alpine air, and say ‘bienvenue’ to the sophistication and splendour of Paris.

from US$1850 (per person twin share)

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Explore the tradition and elegance of Europe’s most romantic capital cities – the majestic Arc de Triomphe, Bridge of Sighs and  Sistine Chapel your gateways to an unforgettable journey. Enjoy radiant Paris and the Renaissance romance of Florence, dramatic Alpine landscapes and the Eternal City of Rome where you’ll toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain to secure your swift return…

from US$1975 (per person twin share)

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Brush up on your photographic skills – you’re going to need them on this fast-paced jaunt through Europe’s celebrity cities of Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris and lesser-known Lucerne. Get snap-happy sightseeing at such highlights as the Vatican City, Eiffel Tower and the Duomo, people watch in the ‘piazze’ and marvel at a multitude,of picture-perfect landscapes.

from US$1975 (per person twin share)

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Two iconic European cities – one captivating cultural experience reflecting centuries of innovation, imagination and initiative. London and Paris vie for your attention as you savour such highlights as Big Ben, the Champs Élysées and a bit of French ‘joie de vivre’. Marvel at the majestic Palace of Versailles, visit Stonehenge and see Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon.

from US$2475 (per person twin share)

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From Michelangelo to Shakespeare, Europe’s greatest works are on display as you trace the footsteps of illustrious visionaries. Shed a tear for Juliet in Verona, marvel at the Pietà and sweep your eyes over panoramic views from ‘la tour Eiffel’ as you explore the highlights of Rome, Florence, Venice, Lucerne and Paris with a few masterpieces in between.

from US$3025 (per person twin share)

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See Europe through the eyes of your ever-curious tots as you embark on a family road trip from Rome to London filled with lashings of lion fights, carnival masks, chariot racing and cheesy pizza you’ll learn to make yourself. This is an unforgettable, hands-on exploration of Europe that will bring the destination alive for all ages.

from US$$3150 (per person twin share)

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EUROPEAN MARVEL with Eurostar Option- 12 Days

The White Cliffs of Dover are your gateway to a grand adventure through the heart of Europe – cruising on the romantic Rhine, the sounds of Mozart in Vienna and castle courtyards of Heidelberg among the highlights you will enjoy. Get lost along quaint medieval cobblestone lanes, savour ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’ in tree‑lined squares, and marvel at striking historic landmarks.

from US$3095 (per person twin share)

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EUROPEAN WHIRL with Eurostar Option - 12 Days

The tring tring of Dutch bicycles launch your Europe adventure, from picture-perfect Amsterdam and vine-clad hills along the Rhine with their fairy-tale medieval castles, to the magnificent open-air museum that is Rome. Mountains and monuments dot your route to your final stops in Paris and London, with a drive past to the infamous WWI battlefields in France en route.

from US$2975 (per person twin share)

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Don those designer sunglasses – it’s time to enjoy the bright city lights and stylish promenades of Europe’s classiest capitals where you can kick back at quaint Old Town cafés and brush shoulders with the rich and famous. Amble along the grand avenues of Paris, explore the labyrinthine lanes of Venice and soak up Mediterranean sunshine in trendy Cannes and Monaco.

from US$3225 (per person twin share)

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EUROPEAN INTERLUDE with Eurostar Option- 15 Days

The birthplaces of arts, culture and history are on show in this discovery of Europe, from Amsterdam’s charming canal houses with their gabled façades and the imposing Cologne Cathedral to Vienna’s Opera House and the exquisite Doge’s Palace in Venice. Medieval castles, Baroque palaces and Renaissance masterpieces are yours to explore along this creative pilgrimage.

from US$4050 (per person twin share)

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TRADITIONAL EUROPE including Eurostar and Return Eurostar Option - 18 Days

A kaleidoscope of changing scenery, from the foothills of the imposing Dolomite Mountains to the elegance of the French Riviera – all yours to enjoy. Explore the romantic rolling landscapes of Tuscany, the tragic ruins of Pompeii, the vineyards of Frascati and the beautiful Rhone Valley – charming villages and celebrated cities like Amsterdam, Rome, Nice and Paris all en route.

from US$4675 (per person twin share)

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GRAND EUROPEAN with Eurostar Option- 21 Days

Tick all the boxes with this grand exploration of Europe – one region, a myriad of flavours for you to enjoy. Wander through 17th century Bruges, the choppy waterways of picturesque Amsterdam and medieval Rhineland. From Pompeii to the Eternal City of Rome, Florence to the sophisticated Promenade des Anglais in Nice, get under the skin of Europe.

from US$5175 (per person twin share)

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From the spiritual hubs of the Vatican and Lourdes to the glitz and glamour of Monaco, Cannes and the Isle of Capri, explore Europe’s man-made triumphs and feats of nature. Tune into the Mozart melodies of Austria, admire Gaudi’s Art Nouveau fantasies in Barcelona and sun yourself in Sorrento, with visits to Munich, Vienna and Paris along the way.

from US$6275 (per person twin share)

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It’s the A to Z of Europe. Thirteen countries – centuries of culture and history, mesmerising natural landscapes and a feast of fl avours on one journey of discovery. From the architecture of Amsterdam to the medieval monuments of Germany, Austria and Bulgaria. Explore myths and legends in Greece, ancient history in
Italy and the glittering capitals of Paris, Vienna and Budapest.

from US$6925 (per person twin share)

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EUROPEAN SUPREME with 3-day Aegean Cruise and Eurostar Options - 29 Days

Day 1 to 15 As per the European Supreme itinerary. On Day 16 you have the opportunity of taking a 3-day Aegean Cruise with Celestyal Cruises around the magical Greek isles.

from US$7475 (per person twin share)

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