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Tour Name Departs


8D Amazing Britain Oct 14 US$1,675
6D Amsterdam Explorer Sep 03 US$1,375
11D Best of Britain Sep 30 US$2,295
9D Best of Egypt Sep 20 US$2,195
Sep 27 US$2,275
Oct 04 US$2,295
Oct 11 US$2,295
Oct 18 US$2,295
Oct 25 US$2,250
15D Best of Finland Russia & the Baltic States Sep 17 US$3,275
Sep 24 US$3,275
13D Best of France Oct 01 US$3,075
7D Best of Holland Sep 03 US$1,750
9D Best of Israel Sep 21 US$2,475
Oct 05 US$2,695
Oct 26 US$2,475
13D Best of Italy Oct 01 US$3,195
Oct 08 US$3,150
Oct 10 US$3,150
9D Best of Morocco Sep 01 US$1,750
Sep 15 US$1,750
Sep 29 US$1,750
Oct 13 US$1,695
7D Best of Scotland Sep 24 US$1,525
9D Best of the Italian Lakes Sep 08 US$1,895
Sep 15 US$1,895
14D Best of Turkey Sep 01 US$1,950
Sep 15 US$1,950
15D Bohemian Highlights Oct 14 US$2,725
11D Britain and Ireland Experience (CS) Sep 03 US$1,475
Sep 10 US$1,475
Oct 01 US$1,475
16D Britain and Ireland Panorama Oct 05 US$3,195
13D Capitals of the North Sep 17 US$2,895
Oct 01 US$2,825
10D Castles and Kilts Sep 21 US$2,275
9D Egyptian Voyager Sep 23 US$2,275
Sep 30 US$2,350
Oct 07 US$2,350
Oct 14 US$2,350
Oct 21 US$2,350
Oct 28 US$2,325
8D England and Scotland Heritage (CS) Oct 04 US$1,095
13D European Adventures (CS) Oct 02 US$1,925
18D European Cavalcade (CS) Sep 13 US$2,625
Sep 20 US$2,625
7D European Highlights Sep 10 US$1,850
Oct 08 US$1,825
15D European Interlude Sep 17 US$3,775
12D European Magic (CS) Sep 06 US$1,850
11D European Splendour Sep 14 US$2,825
Sep 28 US$2,750
Oct 05 US$2,750
12D European Spotlight Sep 06 US$3,050
8D European Traveller Sep 03 US$2,050
Sep 08 US$2,050
Sep 10 US$2,050
Oct 01 US$2,075
Oct 22 US$1,950
12D European Whirl Oct 08 US$2,925
Oct 17 US$2,925
11D European Wonderland Sep 14 US$2,875
7D Glimpse of Europe (CS) Oct 02 US$1,175
Oct 09 US$1,175
17D Grand Italian Experience Sep 28 US$3,795
27D Great European Sep 02 US$5,725
10D Great Italian Cities Oct 20 US$2,695
15D Highlights of Bohemia (CS) Oct 07 US$1,750
13D Highlights of France (CS) Sep 01 US$1,875
Sep 15 US$1,875
Oct 06 US$1,875
10D Highlights of France and Barcelona Sep 01 US$2,475
Oct 06 US$2,395
12D Highlights of Germany (CS) Sep 08 US$1,495
Sep 15 US$1,495
Oct 06 US$1,495
12D Highlights of Scandinavia (CS) Sep 23 US$2,075
9D Highlights of Sicily (CS) Sep 23 US$1,350
Oct 07 US$1,295
8D Highlights of Turkey Sep 09 US$1,325
7D Irish Highlights Oct 22 US$1,350
10D Italian Discovery Sep 22 US$2,425
Sep 29 US$2,375
8D Italian Dream (CS) Sep 17 US$1,225
Sep 24 US$1,225
13D Italian Glory Sep 25 US$3,225
10D Italian Scene (CS) Oct 06 US$1,450
8D Jewels of France (CS) Sep 23 US$1,195
7D Jewels of Italy (CS) Oct 23 US$1,095
5D Jordan Experience Sep 14 US$1,195
Sep 28 US$1,195
Oct 12 US$1,195
Oct 06 US$1,195
8D London Explore Oct 01 US$2,325
8D London to Rome Highlights (CS) Sep 10 US$1,395
Sep 17 US$1,395
Sep 24 US$1,395
Oct 08 US$1,395
Oct 22 US$1,395
7D Piedmont and the Italian Lakes Sep 02 US$1,825
6D Real Britain Sep 03 US$1,325
Sep 17 US$1,325
Sep 24 US$1,325
Oct 01 US$1,325
Oct 15 US$1,325
9D Rome and Tuscan Highlights Sep 01 US$2,095
Sep 15 US$2,095
Sep 22 US$2,095
Sep 29 US$2,075
8D Rome Explorer Sep 10 US$2,125
10D Southern Italy and Sicily Sep 28 US$2,225
9D Spanish Wonder Oct 21 US$1,650
13D Splendours of Italy (CS) Sep 02 US$1,750
13D Switzerland and Austria Sep 24 US$2,950
12D Wonders of Ancient Egypt Sep 19 US$2,695
Sep 26 US$2,750
Oct 03 US$2,825
Oct 10 US$2,825
Oct 17 US$2,825
Oct 24 US$2,750
Oct 31 US$2,750
8D Wonders of St Petersburg & Moscow Sep 17 US$1,875
11D Wonders of Turkey (cs) Sep 06 US$1,195
Oct 18 US$1,195
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Tour Name Departs


8D Historic Highlights Sep 23 US$2,225
Oct 07 US$2,225
10D The Californian with Rose Parade Dec 29 US$3,250
10D Adventures of the Lone Star State end Houston Sep 28 US$2,875
10D Adventures of the Lone Star State end Dallas Sep 28 US$2,875
10D Tastes and Sounds of the South Sep 06 US$2,695
Sep 07 US$2,695
Sep 21 US$2,695
Sep 27 US$2,695
Oct 18 US$2,695
8D Tales of the Old South Sep 27 US$2,495
7D Best of Canyonlands Aug 29 US$1,925
Sep 27 US$1,925
Sep 29 US$1,925
Oct 12 US$1,925
Oct 14 US$1,925
Oct 19 US$1,925
15D Scenic Parks Explorer Oct 10 US$4,050

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