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Highlights of Peru - 8 Days

Tap into your inner Indiana Jones for an epic encounter with an ancient civilisation and the baroque splendour of a conquistador’s capital city. Inca treasures, wild landscapes and ancient legends are brought to life in the Sacred Valley, centuries-old ruins of Cusco and Machu Picchu, and the charismatic streets of Lima.

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In the Footsteps of the Incas - 10 Days

From the clouds of the Andes to the birthplace of the sun, this trek through Peru’s altiplanos and the famous fl oating Uros Islands traces the rich traditions and ancient past of the Incas and their ancestors—a
celebration of chicha toasts, bold colours and hilltop fortresses.

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Land of the Incas - 12 Days

Soar over intricate desert designs carved centuries ago—the vastness of Peru traced from its Pacifi c edge to the mountain fortresses of the Incas and the shimmering blue of South America’s largest lake, where you will journey to the quiet island of Taquile, still fi rmly rooted in the past.

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Impressions of South America - 10 Days

Sway your hips to sultry Samba sounds and the melancholic Tango as you sashay across South America on this At Leisure jaunt from the intoxicating shores of Ipanema and the warm welcome of Christ the Redeemer to the thundering Iguassu Falls and sophisticated streets of Eva Peron’s Buenos Aires.

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Best of south america - 12 Days

Surrender to Latin America’s lust for life, behind vibrant street murals, the beat of the marimba and in the shadow of the Andes—an At Leisure spree from the home of the cariocas and porteños to slim Chile, culminating at the edge of thundering Iguassu and the rainforest of Rio.

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South America Landscapes - 14 Days

Chile’s stunning Lake District takes centre stage on this epic South American journey past snowcapped volcanoes, chardonnay vineyards and the pulsating cities of Buenos Aires and Rio—crossing the glacial waters of Los Santos Lake against the imposing backdrop of Osorna and visiting “Little Switzerland” along the way.

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South America Revealed - 17 Days

Tall and tan, and young and lovely—expect nothing else on Rio’s gorgeous beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, your launch pad for a South American adventure through the vibrant capitals of Buenos Aires and Lima and the Incan heart of Peru, embracing laid-back Latin vibes all day.

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Icons of South America - 21 Days

A big adventure awaits—one that will see you crisscross the South American continent, exploring a dazzling array of natural wonders, ancient Incan and Columbian civilisations, “Little Switzerland” in Chile’s Lake District and the buzzing music in the streets of Rio, Buenos Aires and Santiago.

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Cultures and Contrasts of South America with Paracas option - 22 Days

Lost kingdoms, intoxicating Latin rhythms and astounding natural phenomena—from the thundering Iguassu to dramatic Tango twists—are yours to discover on this epic voyage from Rio to Lima. Incan strongholds and fl oating islands on Lake Titicaca all explored en route.

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Wonders of Patagonia - 11 Days

Travel to the ends of the earth, from the fl amboyant capital of Buenos Aires to the land of giants, roaming solitary steppes, the rugged Andes mountainscape and pristinely beautiful glacial lakes. Embrace the enormity of a land that few have explored, the facets of frontier life and majestic natural splendour.

from US$5195 (per person twin share)

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